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Fine Tree

We're relentless in our pursuit of curating the finest selection of cannabis products. All of our products have been vetted by our team of cannabis experts through The Woods Certification process to deliver the right products for every occasion.

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Elevating your cannabis experience starts with the tools. From making the cutting edge of cannabis technology accessible through accessory rentals to ensuring your tools are serviced with a white-glove glass cleaning service, we are uncompromising in our mandate of bringing the best to our customers. Our Collection capsule is high design, the intersection of cannabis and aesthetic. Our Premium offering showcases the best that canna-tech has to offer.  The Woods takes your high to new heights.

Grass Roots

Bespoke retail isn't just for the big city - we are from the GTA, for the GTA. And buying cannabis can be as simple as enjoying it - we are cannabis users, for cannabis users

We've planted ourselves deep in our communities. We work with local brands and small businesses to ensure we are enriching the communities we are apart of.

We celebrate and are meticulous in bringing the bets of cannabis culture to the forefront. Because every session is special.

About Us - Grass Roots.jpg
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