Brand Spotlight: Ghost Drops

Ghost Drops has probably the most interesting business model that’s entered the legal cannabis space within the last 5 years. If you’re a “legacy” connoisseur, you might be familiar with their game-changing bud since before the legalization of recreational cannabis. And that’s why we’re glad to be offering some of their products in our collection. […]

Brand Spotlight: Cookies

If you’ve been around the cannabis culture, you’ve probably heard of Girl Scout Cookies — or GSC officially (the actual Girl Scouts want nothing to do with cannabis for obvious reasons). What you might not have known is that Berner, an entrepreneur and Billboard-charting rapper, and his own growing collective called Cookies Fam were originally […]

Brand Spotlight: BLK MKT

BLK MKT is a maverick among premiumrecreational cannabis brands and dedicated to redefining “legal weed.” With some fantastic bud that led them to dominate in the British Columbia and Saskatchewan cannabis markets, they finally came over to our Ontario dispensaries in 2020. BLK MKT’s flower is for the real connoisseurs looking for unique flavours, frosty […]

Mississauga Weed Dispensary: Where to Find the Top Cannabis Store in Mississauga

A recreational Mississauga weed dispensary is hard to find — especially since recreational weed dispensaries in the city are still illegal. Don’t let that stop you though. Mississauga may be opting out of recreational cannabis retail shops for now. But we’re not. If you’re a Mississauga resident looking for a place to shop for all […]

What are the risks of cannabis? How does it affect the population in general?

There is no free lunch. And despite how wonderful the cannabis plant’s medicinal and therapeutic uses are, it doesn’t come without possible negative side effects. No matter your age group, ethnicity, gender, or tolerance for the plant you need to be educated on the possible risks associated with inhaling or ingesting it for recreation or […]

Health benefits of cannabis oil: What to expect and know the benefits from the experts

Cannabis affects the body using the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Simply put, this is a specialized system that involves a relationship between cannabinoids and receptors. When cannabinoids bind to receptors — or in the case of CBD, interrupt receptor activity — certain functions are regulated within the body. Functions like sleep, appetite, pain and immune system […]

How to Use Cannabis Oil: Learn How to Use Cannabis in a Healthy Way

Cannabis affects the body using what’s known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It’s a specialized system that uses cannabinoids and receptors. Specifically, whether or not cannabinoids bind or don’t bind to the receptors. The ECS is responsible for regulating your bodily functions like sleep, appetite, pain and immune system responses. Coincidentally, cannabinoids are one of […]

Effects of cannabis on children: Know about how cannabis affects children

The effects of cannabis smoke on children — or any other method of consumption — can be devastating to their short-term and long-term mental and physical health. The science is still not settled on the short and long-term health benefits and side effects of cannabis use in adults. This means you should act with serious […]

History of Cannabis: Know where the use of cannabis began and when it started

The history of cannabis is a globetrotting journey from East to West touching multiple tribes and evolving its utility along the way. This plant has given and continues to give so much to the world. The following is a general and brief account of its epic journey, touching on points we think are interesting enough […]