Brand Spotlight: BLK MKT

BLK MKT is a maverick among premiumrecreational cannabis brands and dedicated to redefining “legal weed.”

With some fantastic bud that led them to dominate in the British Columbia and Saskatchewan cannabis markets, they finally came over to our Ontario dispensaries in 2020.

BLK MKT’s flower is for the real connoisseurs looking for unique flavours, frosty buds, and dreamlike highs. With high-grade genetics crossed between different premium strains, every strain is expertly crafted, resulting in a range of top shelf cannabis products.

This brand pushes the boundaries within the legal cannabis space by concentrating on perfecting each phase of the cultivation process. All flower is grown indoors, hang dried, hand trimmed, hand-cured, and of course, delicately hand packaged.

You can find their signature Cherry

Punch and Peanut Butter MAC strains as staples in our bespoke lineup.

Most notably, however, we carry BLK MKT’s exclusive, MacFlurry. A cross between Ice Cream Cake and the Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) strain you know and love. The gorgeous, resin-covered MAC nugs spliced with Ice Cream Cake is something you’d be a fool to miss out on.

BLK MKT is in our collection because it represents the highest standards for handcrafted cannabis. If you care about your sessions; from breaking open the seal, witnessing those trichomes, feeling the nugs, and riding the highs, BLK MKT delivers that fire you crave and takes small batch cannabis to a whole new level.

Visit our online shop and check out our curated selection of BLK MKT dried flower and pre-rolls.


Brand Spotlight: Ghost Drops

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Brand Spotlight: Cookies

If you’ve been around the cannabis culture, you’ve probably heard of Girl Scout Cookies — or GSC officially (the actual Girl Scouts want nothing to do with cannabis for obvious reasons). What you might not have known is that Berner, an entrepreneur and Billboard-charting rapper, and his own growing collective