Brand Spotlight: Ghost Drops

Ghost Drops has probably the most interesting business model that’s entered the legal cannabis space within the last 5 years.

If you’re a “legacy” connoisseur, you might be familiar with their game-changing bud since before the legalization of recreational cannabis. And that’s why we’re glad to be offering some of their products in our collection.

Let’s talk about why one of the most modern, in-touch, and on-the-needle’s-edge-of-marketing brands should be on the shelf of every connoisseur-grade dispensary across Canada.

From Legacy Cannabis to NFTs

As the name suggests, Ghost Drops’ beginnings are kind of a mystery.

To quote Ghost Drops’ origin story from their stylish website, it started out as “anonymous and hidden.”

Originally dedicated to curating the most cutting-edge cannabis products in the legacy market, Ghost Drops has been serving users and connoisseurs since 2017.

Focused on bringing never-before-seen cuts and strains into the spotlight, this brand works with its team of All-Star partners to discover the most unique and new-wave bud from some of the most talented underground growers across Canada.

After securing the flower, they then link up with packagers and marketers and distribute (or “drop”) their newfound treasures in short and sweet bursts to an exclusive audience. Before entering the legal cannabis market in 2021, the only way to know when the next drop was hitting the market was by joining their “Ghostfam.”

With each new strain delivery, the cabal’s notoriety grew and eventually, each new subtle and spontaneous shipment became known as a “Ghost Drop.”

Fast forward to 2022, and Ghost Drops has also recently announced its own retail location, along with some “ahead of the curve” marketing tactics.

A Canadian cannabis culture company at heart, they’re keeping their beloved brand business model — sourcing unique breeders and cultivators, directing the packaging and marketing, and dropping the strain on the market — but they’ve also now entered the web3 arena with NFTs.

Without delving too deep into what NFTs are, Ghost Drops has been developing what they’re calling “Crypto Drops” — an NFT marketplace for cannabis-inspired art slated to come online later this year.

And just like their counter-culture and “Banksy”-like brand vibe, the first NFTs available on Crypto Drops are inspired by Ghost Drops’ underground legacy brand art — art that’s currently illegal to publish in the legal cannabis market per Canadian cannabis regulations.

Of course, at the end of the day, what makes Ghost Drops so iconic and different from other legal cannabis brands is its commitment to an elevated cannabis culture with award-winning Canadian cannabis strains.

With exclusive genetics that are rigorously bred and tested, Ghost Drops connects with micro growers throughout Canada to plant, harvest, trim, and cure their unique cannabis products made especially for connoisseurs.

Here’s a look at a couple Ghost Drops strains we’re currently carrying here at The Woods.

First Class Funk

First Class Funk is the child of Khalifa Kush and The Menthol strains, and it shows.

A collaboration between hunters from Cultivating Happiness, breeders at Compound Genetics, and Ghost Drops’ network of micro cultivation partners, First Class Funk is a truly aromatic and funky strain that leaves a strong first impression.

With THC percentages anywhere between 25-30%, this ultra-premium strain combines terpene profiles of Limonene, T-Caryophyllene, Terpineol, and B-Pinene to deliver a deeply dank and delicious fragrance, mixed with a hint of jet fuel and a sweet, candy-like scent. You also get a touch of spicy fennel and anise as it hits the palate.

From the dense and fuzzy trichomes to the first smoke, the First Class Funk experience is buttery smooth and offers a uniquely intense feeling of full-body relaxation and euphoria.


As soon as you crack the seal on this strain, you’re immediately met with a pungent combo of gas and tropical fruit, brought to you by its dominant terpenes Limonene, T-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene. The fine flower is densely packed and coated in trichomes, giving off a light green colour that’s dotted with bright orange pistils.

At 25-29% THC content, this bud provides a more functional kind of high than First Class Funk, with a slightly sour and citrusy aftertaste owing to its Zkittlez lineage.

Also hunted by Cultivating Happiness, this high-quality strain was bred by Uprising Seed Co. and grown by craft micro-producer Natural Earth Craft Cannabis.

If you’re familiar with the Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains, Z-Splitter is in your wheelhouse.

It’s hard to predict what Ghost Drops will drop next – and that’s the point. But whatever it is, you can be sure it’s got pedigree backing it.

With legacy providers such as Green Karat, Canary, and 7Green Grows on board as well as micro growers such as Kief Cannabis, Kronic Relief, and JBuds in the mix, we’re excited to see what future strains Ghost Drops has in store.

You can check out our selection of Ghost Drops cannabis products on our online shop today.


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