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BC God Bud - 28 g

$89.09 / 28 g

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Sundae Driver - 3.5 g

$45.89 / 3.5 g

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Wobble Grinder
by COFO + Em


Branch Out Lighter
by The Woods



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#022 - Burb | BC Zaza

#022 - Burb | BC Zaza

"BC Zaza is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Animal Face and Sherb Crasher strains. Strong tropical fruit and vanilla flavours offer a delicious sweet and sour aroma combination."

#021 - OGEN | Lemon Z

#021 - OGEN | Lemon Z

"Our Lemon Z #42 is a sativa-dominant strain that provides a punchy lemon aroma with hints of warm brown sugar and chocolate. "

#020 - Ogen  | Early Glue

#020 - Ogen | Early Glue

"Early Glue RBx1 is the reverse back-cross of GG4 x Black Fire F-1 with GG4. The result? A distinctly creamy aroma with a funky floral finish"

#019 - Ogen | Freshly Baked #76

#019 - Ogen | Freshly Baked #76

"Hot out of our oven, Freshly Baked #76 has an aroma that features a mix of gas, creamy sweetness and hits of spice. It really takes the cake!"

#018 - Highland Grow | Gaelic Fire

#018 - Highland Grow | Gaelic Fire

"This potent indica dominant strain exhibits flavours of citrus and sour with buds that range from forest green to pale purple."

#017 - BZAM | Nut Butter

#017 - BZAM | Nut Butter

"This indica-dominant hybrid flower is THC potent with an earthy, nutty, and sweet flavour. "

#016 - Greybeard |  Afghani Drifter

#016 - Greybeard | Afghani Drifter

"Afghani Drifter is a hybrid strain with bright green buds, generously laced with orange-hued filaments and covered in frosty trichomes."

#015 - LBS | Sunset

#015 - LBS | Sunset

"Sunset is an indica-dominant strain with a spicy pepper and clove aroma, and very strong THC potency."

#014 - TWD | Indica

#014 - TWD | Indica

"Indica is a strain with very high THC potency potential and very little CBD. Where you find Twd., you’ll find value. It’s that simple."

#013 - Color Cannabis  | Mango Haze

#013 - Color Cannabis | Mango Haze

"A sativa-dominant strain with mild THC potency."

#012 - Carmel | M.A.C. 1

#012 - Carmel | M.A.C. 1

"Bred by Capulator, MAC 1 is a balanced hybrid created through crossing Jaws' Alien Cookies with his Miracle 15 male."

#011 - Doja - Canopy Growth  | C99 (Cinderella 99)

#011 - Doja - Canopy Growth | C99 (Cinderella 99)

"This Sativa strain, in dried flower form, has a strong THC content and may contain CBD. It may boost energy levels and create a feeling of euphoria. Its naturally occurring terpenes emit skunky and earthy aromas"


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to go to a dispensary in Brampton?

Ensuring you are getting safe and clean products: Every product sold in our Brampton dispensary is lab tested to ensure that the cannabis is pure and free of dangerous pesticides, any foreign objects, or pollutants. This ensures that the cannabis is not laced and is clean and pure, as opposed to what you might find from illegal, “black market” dispensaries. Knowing the exact specifications of your product: Buying legal cannabis ensures you have the peace of mind knowing you are receiving the actual strain you purchased each time. No longer are the genetics and lineage of each product a guessing game. Instead, rest assured that each product you receive in our weed store in Brampton has been classified correctly to identify the lineage and plant type and has been tested to identify the exact cannabinoid and terpene profile. Our Brampton dispensary makes it easy to find your favorite strains. Reliable, high-quality guidance: We know that many customers have had disappointing experiences with legal cannabis. Often this is because of a lack of curation, and unqualified budtenders. Our weed dispensary in Brampton team is not only staffed with certified Cannabis Sommeliers to ensure you are guided by an expert, but they also test and curate every single product on the menu, so you know everything in our Brampton dispensary is quality cannabis. We’re a marijuana dispensary that won’t sell what we wouldn’t consume ourselves. Good conversation (about weed and anything else!): We love to talk weed! Come into our marijuana dispensary in Brampton to discuss all things cannabis, from identifying the correct terpene profile for the high you’re looking for, or even just to say hello! We also have consultations with a member of our sommelier team with absolutely no purchase required.

What should I think about when selecting a "go to" dispensary in Brampton?

Product Curation: Trusting that your weed store in Brampton has quality, curated products is something that we believe every customer should expect from their marijuana dispensary. That’s why we have every single product on the menu tested by our team and certified by our trained sommelier. We don’t bother stocking items that we wouldn’t use ourselves, so rest easy knowing that everything on the menu is quality at our Brampton weed dispensary. Education and Guidance: At our Brampton dispensary, certified sommeliers can help guide your shopping experience and help put together the perfect set of products to create the exact experience you’re looking for. Whether it be high potency cannabis products, or you’re someone new to the cannabis space looking to explore CBD, the team at our weed store in Brampton we have the knowledge and product to get you exactly what you’re looking for at our dispensary. Environment: We focused on creating a cannabis shop that is design and aesthetic driven – a dispensary in Brampton that matches the rest of your lifestyle. After entering and immersing yourself in our store, our team works to create a warm and welcoming environment to ensure you have a cannabis experience as enjoyable as using it.

The Woods cannabis offerings and products – what we sell, how we select our options and choices?

We believe that you shouldn’t have to smoke bush cannabis – no cannabis experience should be lackluster, and every cannabis occasion calls for quality product. In order to do this, we have our sommelier team at our Brampton dispensary test every cannabis product that sits on our shelves. We make a focus on stocking craft and small batch cannabis grower in order to highlight the best in Canadian cannabis. Quality sessions start with quality gear. So, to ensure you have quality accessories, our buyers curate from the best luxury brands in the world and cannabis paraphernalia from the creators of the latest and greatest in innovative cannabis technology. The Woods dispensary experience goes beyond just fine cannabis and accessories – our weed store in Brampton is your one-stop cannabis experience. Our friends at Smooth Smoke cleaning provide an in-house accessory cleaning service, providing next day bong, rig, pipe and vape cleaning, with a 1–2-day turnaround time. Let us do the dirty work for you! We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to try out the best in cannabis technology, so we provide accessory rentals for our high-end accessories in our Brampton dispensary from brands such as Volcano, Stüdenglass, and many more! We also believe cannabis consumption should be a deliberate act and to ensure this, we provide complimentary cannabis consultations with our in-house sommelier, both over the phone or in store at our Brampton dispensary.

The Woods Mission – Why we sell cannabis? Why we opened our doors? Or why we are a dispensary?

We at The Woods felt like the cannabis consumer was not being properly served by the current retail landscape in the GTA – there were a lack Brampton dispensaries that were showcasing the best in legal cannabis, and were instead stocking the same, lackluster brands and products. We are strong believers in the power of deliberate, informed, and responsible cannabis usage, and having quality products remains at the heart of that at our marijuana dispensary. We also felt there was a misalignment between the lifestyle of the cannabis user, and their shopping experience. For too long, cannabis consumers have gone to dispensaries that perpetuated the “stoner” stereotype, and we knew there was a large population of folks that this did not apply to. We wanted to create a boutique environment, fitted with luxury accessories and a boutique aesthetic – luxury retail was not just for downtown, metropolitan areas. Dispensaries in Brampton could have this as well.

Why choose the Woods to be your go to Dispensary?

Grass Roots: The Woods was built by cannabis users, for cannabis users – we are in touch with the wants and needs of the modern cannabis consumer and aim to deliver an experience that is in line with that at our Brampton dispensary. Sommelier certified menu: Legal cannabis can be lackluster, so we have our sommelier team scour the market, finding the hidden gems to ensure no cannabis experience we deliver is disappointing or unintended. Expert suggestions: we believe in deliberate cannabis usage and know that education and expert guidance can often times be a strong proponent of that. Whether it be in the store during a friendly conversation, or over-the-phone during a consultation with our sommelier, The Woods is happy to help and guide. The culture: The Woods is built on creating a cannabis shopping experience that’s as enjoyable as consuming it. The store aesthetic is inspired by luxury retail, but the vibe is centered on creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere where no one’s a stranger! You can be sure our Brampton dispensary is in-touch with the needs of its community.

Can I buy weed online from your Brampton dispensary?

Yes! You can go to our online shop at thewoodscannabis.ca and shop from our sommelier certified menu. You can choose to either pay at our Brampton dispensary or pay in advance and pick-up express at our store. We’ll have it ready for you right away so feel free to come straight to our Brampton dispensary right after you’ve ordered.

How much cannabis can I legally possess at one time?

According to Canadian law, you’re entitled to possess up to a 30-day supply of dried cannabis or its equivalent. The maximum amount that you’re able to possess at one time will be based on what your health care practitioner has recommended and cannot exceed an amount of 150 grams, as set by the regulations.

What’s the legal age to purchase and consume cannabis?

The legal age to purchase cannabis in Ontario is 19 years old. At our Brampton dispensary, we have a strict policy of checking the ID of anyone who looks under the age of 25.

Do you deliver cannabis?

No, unfortunately we don’t deliver from our Brampton dispensary.

How does the bong and glass accessory cleaning service work?

At our Brampton dispensary, you can have your glass accessories cleaned and returned as if brand new in 1-2 days! Click the link here to learn more. We partnered with Smooth Smoke Cleaning, a Mississauga based glass cleaner to provide this to our customers.

How do the accessory rentals work?

We curate the latest in cannabis technology at our weed store in Brampton, and let our customers rent the products hassle-free for affordable prices. We just ask for a deposit that will be returned once the product is returned. Each rental is professionally cleaned and sanitized between rentals so you never have to worry about contamination. Visit our Brampton dispensary for more details.

How can I book a consultation?

You can book cannabis consultations with our sommeliers to ask questions and learn more about cannabis either in store in our Brampton dispensary, online here or over the phone. We’re a cannabis dispensary that aims to educate as much as supply cannabis.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, debit and credit at our weed store in Brampton.

How much cannabis can I purchase from your dispensary?

The legal limit a customer can purchase at once from a licensed dispensary is 30g equivalent of dried flower. At our Brampton dispensary, we automatically calculate this for you as you build your cart.