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Mississauga & Brampton Same-Day Delivery

We bring the right weed products to your doorsteps!

The Woods Cannabis is your trusted local Brampton and Mississauga dispensary for weed delivery.

We offer a convenient, same-day delivery option (within 2 to 3 hours) for orders placed from 10AM - 9PM every day. The minimum delivery order is $80 with a $5 to $10 delivery fee. Delivery is free for orders

Delivery Instructions

1) Shop our full sommelier-certified menu here and add your order to your cart. There is a delivery minimum of $80 before tax plus a delivery fee depending on the distance. $100 for free delivery!

2) At checkout, enter your delivery address into the text window above your order summary and click Proceed To Checkout

3) Select your preferred delivery window in the Delivery Time window

4) Enter any special instructions you may have for our drivers! (e.g., calling or texting ahead, etc.)

5) Add your information and payment info and click Confirm Delivery Reservation

6) Sit tight! Please have your ID and Credit Card ready for our delivery driver.


Q: What forms of ID does The Woods Cannabis accept for Mississauga and Brampton cannabis delivery?

  • To order delivery from The Woods Cannabis, you must have at least one valid piece of government-issued ID. Physical and official IDs from outside of Canada may be accepted. Photos or pintouts of IDs will not be accepted. Please see below for a lit of valid IDs we accept for Mississauga and Brampton cannabis delivery:

  • Ontario Photo Card

  • Canadian Passport

  • Canadian Citizenship Card

  • Ontario Health Card

  • Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card

  • Certificate of Indian Status Card (issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada)

  • Permanent Resident Card


Q: What kind of payment does The Woods Cannabis accept for Mississauga and Brampton cannabis delivery?

  • We accept VISA and Mastercard for delivery payments. In-store we accept cash, debit, VISA and Mastercard. Due to Ontario regulations, all delivery orders must be prepaid which is why we only accept VISA and Mastercard credit card payments for delivery.

Q: How can I contact The Woods Cannabis about my delivery order?

  • Feel free to call us anytime during store hours (9am – 11pm) at 905-451-9600!


Q: What are The Woods Cannabis’ hours for Mississauga and Brampton cannabis delivery?

  • We take delivery orders from 10AM to 9PM everyday!

Q: How long do I have to wait for my order?

  • Your delivery should arrive within 2-3 hours of placing your order!


Q: What’s the maximum amount of cannabis I can order?

  • The maximum amount of cannabis you can order is 30g of dried flower equivalent.

Q: Why do you need to go to a dispensary in Brampton?​​​​

  • Reliable, high-quality guidance: We know that many customers have had disappointing experiences with legal cannabis. Often this is because of a lack of curation, and unqualified budtenders. Our weed dispensary in Brampton team is not only staffed with certified Cannabis Sommeliers to ensure you are guided by an expert, but they also test and curate every single product on the menu, so you know everything in our Brampton dispensary is quality cannabis. We’re a marijuana dispensary that won’t sell what we wouldn’t consume ourselves.

  • Good conversation (about weed and anything else!): We love to talk weed! Come into our marijuana dispensary in Brampton to discuss all things cannabis, from identifying the correct terpene profile for the high you’re looking for, or even just to say hello! We also have consultations with a member of our sommelier team with absolutely no purchase required -book a consultation now.

  • Knowing the exact specifications of your product: Buying legal cannabis ensures you have the peace of mind knowing you are receiving the actual strain you purchased each time. No longer are the genetics and lineage of each product a guessing game. Instead, rest assured that each product you receive in our weed store in Brampton has been classified correctly to identify the lineage and plant type and has been tested to identify the exact cannabinoid and terpene profile. Our Brampton dispensary makes it easy to find your favorite strains.

  • Ensuring you are getting safe and clean products: Every product sold in our Brampton dispensary is lab tested to ensure that the cannabis is pure and free of dangerous pesticides, any foreign objects, or pollutants. This ensures that the cannabis is not laced and is clean and pure, as opposed to what you might find from illegal, “black market” dispensaries.

Q: What to think about when selecting a go-to dispensary in Brampton

  • Product Curation: Trusting that your weed store in Brampton has quality, curated products is something that we believe every customer should expect from their marijuana dispensary. That’s why we have every single product on the menu tested by our team and certified by our trained sommelier. We don’t bother stocking items that we wouldn’t use ourselves, so rest easy knowing that everything on the menu is quality at our Brampton weed dispensary.

  • Education and Guidance: At our Brampton dispensary, certified sommeliers can help guide your shopping experience and help put together the perfect set of products to create the exact experience you’re looking for. Whether it be high potency cannabis products, or you’re someone new to the cannabis space looking to explore CBD, the team at our weed store in Brampton we have the knowledge and product to get you exactly what you’re looking for at our dispensary.

  • Environment: We focused on creating a cannabis shop that is design and aesthetic driven – a dispensary in Brampton that matches the rest of your lifestyle. After entering and immersing yourself in our store, our team works to create a warm and welcoming environment to ensure you have a cannabis experience as enjoyable as using it.

The Best Places to Get Weed Delivery in Mississauga and Brampton

Need to buy some weed in a pinch? Ordering weed delivery online in Mississauga and Brampton is now easier and more reliable than ever. During the pandemic, Ontario flirted with allowing cannabis shops to offer delivery — the great honour of which was previously only given to OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) and medical marijuana stores — as a means of helping retail and its customers weather the lockdown storm. And Ontario loved the results. So much so that Ontario has made the delivery business model permanent — allowing legal cannabis stores the ability to deliver their products anywhere in the province. That said, it’s not always easy to know which places you can trust when it comes to weed delivery in Mississauga and Brampton. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to find in these areas.

Weed Delivery in Mississauga

Cannabis retail stores are still technically not legal in this neck of the woods — with exemptions for medically licensed shops — but it’s not impossible to get your bud delivered in Mississauga. 


What kinds of dispensaries can you order from?

There are retail shops operating within Mississauga as “Delivery Only” businesses, so if you need your bud and need it now there are a few you can choose from. Many popular delivery services that cover Brampton and other parts of the GTA now deliver their weed to Mississauga. Certain dispensaries located in and delivering to Brampton may also make it convenient to order weed delivery from MIssissauga. So whether you’re looking to buy from a medical marijuana clinic or order from an online dispensary, there are many ways to get your weed delivered in Mississauga.

Are there late-night delivery services near Mississauga?

If you’ve run out of weed and need something right away, you’re in luck. Some cannabis delivery services offer 24/7 weed delivery around Mississauga as well, and a few others also provide same day shipping to both Mississauga and Brampton. So even if you’ve forgotten to stock up before a long weekend, you can easily grab some bud at a moment’s notice.

Can you legally order weed delivery in Mississauga?

While recreational cannabis retailers aren’t technically allowed to operate in Mississauga, you can still get your weed delivered from dispensaries near Mississauga. On the one hand, there are plenty of marijuana clinics within Mississauga to consider, if you’re looking for medical cannabis products. Of course, if you’re looking to order weed delivery in Mississauga or even in Brampton the medical and “professional” way, you’re going to have to take a few extra steps. At most medical cannabis clinics, you’ll have to go through a lengthy 4-step process that can take multiple days to complete. On the other hand, if you live in Mississauga or Brampton, you can order a wide variety of finely crafted cannabis products from our online shop and get it delivered in just 2-3 hours. We’ll let you decide what’s the best way to get your weed delivered to you.

What types of cannabis products are available?

You’ll find strains for all types of cannabis users in every price range, preference, and product category available for delivery throughout Mississauga. Even though most dispensaries you come across in Mississauga are exclusively “Delivery Only,” you may be surprised to find just how many different kinds of cannabis products you can order via delivery. Prices for many of these online-only weed delivery services in Brampton and Mississauga are definitely in the affordable range starting from $9 and topping out at $15 per gram so don’t worry about breaking the bank. Beware though: buying from these “Delivery Only” services can be cumbersome. On the other hand, shopping from fully licensed retailers around the Mississauga area not only gives you access to a wider array of top-shelf cannabis products but also makes ordering your weed effortless.

Weed Delivery in Brampton

Unlike in Mississauga, weed delivery in Brampton is 100% legal. In fact, it’s so legal that you can order high-quality bud online from our store and receive it the same day.

And even if you do happen to be in Mississauga, you can still order weed delivered directly to your door.

Where should you order weed delivery in Brampton?

We might be a little biased, but if you’re looking for weed delivery in Brampton, you can’t go wrong with our offerings at The Woods Cannabis.

The Woods Cannabis

Hands down, the best cannabis experience you can get delivered anywhere in Brampton comes from The Woods Cannabis.

We offer a premium craft experience for cannabis users looking for high-class kief and bud that doesn’t disappoint. That means heavily curated flower from the best brands as well as the bespoke paraphernalia needed to enjoy it. Much more than other dispensaries that also deliver weed to the Brampton area, you’ll find a wider variety of edibles, extracts, topical, and vapes, all available in our online store. It’s not just the products that customers love, but the service as well. Best of all, you can order any of our products from our curated collection and get it delivered anywhere in Brampton the same day. Check out the online shop, and you’ll notice it’s not just about the same old, “Indica, Sativa, Hybrid'' categories.  Instead, our certified Cannabis Sommeliers have hand-picked different selections for the premium user based on intents and experiences. Try browsing by Staff Favourites to see what our connoisseurs are up to. Or shop by Feelings like Hungry, Pain Free, or Blissful to narrow down your “high.” Or try sorting by Activities such as Hang with Friends or Get Intimate if you want to fine-tune your cannabis experience. Just pick out what you want online and receive it in the next 2-3 hours with same-day weed delivery in and around Brampton. If you know what you want out of your cannabis sessions or perhaps you’re new to the scene and need expert guidance, our team of sommeliers is here to elevate your cannabis experience, from seed to smoke.


There you have it, weed delivery in Mississauga and Brampton has never been more affordable, higher quality, and reliable. We keyed you in on some great places — with varying experiences — to get your next haul.


Smoke up and enjoy.

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