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Weed Dispensary in Brampton, ON: How much does an ounce of weed cost in Brampton, ON

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

If you’re looking to buy any amount of cannabis from a weed dispensary in Brampton, you should know how it all breaks down first. From the ounce to the gram, let’s go over how you’ll be purchasing your favourite flower and pre-rolls.

Everything you do when it comes to buying your bud revolves around the ounce (1oz) or 28 grams. From there it can be divided into:

  • half-ounces (14g)

  • quarter-ounces (7g)

  • eighths of an ounce (3.5g)

  • grams (1g)

  • halves of a gram (0.5g)

Pricing for an ounce depends on which Brampton weed dispensary you’re buying from, as well as the quality, supply, and popularity of the particular strain. Generally, though, prices among dispensaries don’t vary much between identical strains. And if you do choose to pay by the ounce, you’re definitely going to be paying less overall when compared to purchase per gram or per quarter-ounce.

An ounce of cannabis in a given weed dispensary in Brampton can range from $120 or lower to as high as $143 and even more. In fact, there are some cannabis shops that hold premium strains that hit prices of $248 per ounce.

Let’s take a look at your options when it comes to the different amounts available when shopping for marijuana at a Brampton weed store.


In most cases, the gram is the basic unit of mass or weight that’s used when measuring out dried cannabis flower. When you’re browsing for bud at your local weed store in Brampton, you’ll more than likely be able to buy some strains in 1 gram portions.

Buying by the gram is perfect for when you want to try out a strain you’ve never experienced before, or if you’re looking for something quick to consume but can’t conveniently carry a whole ounce around with you.

If you’re not familiar with what a gram of weed looks like, it’s a bit more than it sounds. A good way to picture how much you’re getting in a gram of marijuana is to use a bottle cap as a reference for size.

You can also purchase pre-rolled joints that are measured out to 1 or .5 gram each, which is helpful for those who like lighting up joints but don’t enjoy the process of rolling.


An “eighth” is typically the second-smallest standard amount of cannabis you’ll be able to purchase at a Brampton weed dispensary.

While it may sound confusing at first, the term “eighth” simply refers to how much ⅛ of an ounce weighs, which is roughly equivalent to 3.5 grams.

Usually, this amount is convenient for casual or occasional consumers who are looking for enough weed to last them through the next week or two. Purchasing an eighth can also be ideal if you plan on sharing with a couple friends.

So when you’re at a weed dispensary in Brampton and need a bit of cannabis to get you through the week, but don’t want to break the bank, try grabbing an eighth of a good quality strain.


Like the eighth, a quarter of weed simply refers to a quarter of an ounce, equal to 7 grams.

While the eighth will often be your go-to weight when shopping for cannabis, if you’re a more frequent cannabis consumer and need an amount to last you at least a week, quarter is probably a more appropriate size.

Half-ounces and Ounces

A half-ounce is exactly what it sounds like: half an ounce. In grams, this amounts to 14 grams, or half of the 28 grams that make up a full ounce.

At this point on the spectrum of weed weights, you’re more or less buying in bulk and stocking up for a couple weeks or more.

Some cannabis enthusiasts also like to use ounces of weed to cook or bake with, as this weight of marijuana provides enough “raw material” to yield a reasonable amount of THC extract.

If you’re shopping for premium cannabis products in Brampton, The Woods Cannabis online shop has a curated collection of accessible mid-range strains and premium flowers available in all weed weights to fit your high-end sessions.

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