The Woods Report

Navigating the cannabis market can be challenging - from the multitude of strain names, new growers and brand names, as well as concerns about the quality of the product. We get that. And that's why we have our expert budtender teams put every single product that sits on our shelves through a full testing process, in order to become Woods Certified through The Woods Reports. 

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The Woods Certification Process

1. Pre-smoke, the bud is inspected under a fine microscope to uncover the finer physical details such as the trichome density, type and aging as well as other characteristics. Package details are compared with lab tested results for the specific batch and compared to other reviews to understand any commonalities where possible.

2. During the smoke, testers undertake a few small dry pulls with a spliff or bong and meticulously note characteristics of the flavor and ash color.  

3. After, testers utilize their sommelier and grow training to begin to record details of the high onset, peak and come-down.

The Woods Certified Strain Reviews

Black Cherry Punch | Edison

#001 - Black Cherry Punch | Edison

"Cherry Punch is an Indica-hybrid marijuana strain crossed between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch F2."

Cold Creek Kush | Redecan

#002 - Cold Creek Kush | Redecan

"Cold Creek Kush is a MK Ultra x Chemdawg 91 hybrid strain"

Dancehall | Spinach

#003 - Dancehall | Spinach

"Dancehall Spinach is a hybrid between Juanita La Lagrimosa x Kalijah"

White Wedding | Msiku

#004 - White Wedding | Msiku

“A vibrant, purple and green strain coated in a heavy layer of trichomes reminiscent of an
early winter frost. White Wedding is a unique and heavy hitter with earthy notes and coffee
undertones. Hang Dried and hand trimmed to preserve aroma and flavours.” - OCS

Cherry Punch | BLKMKT

#005 - Cherry Punch | BLKMKT

"The Cherry Punch is a mix of AK-47 and Purple Punch F2. The AK-47 is a sativa-dominant genetic hybrid with Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties as well. The Purple Punch F2 is a cross with the Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple cultivars which makes it an indica-dominant cultivar."

Alien SinMint | BLKMKT

#006 - Alien SinMint | BLKMKT

"Alien SinMint Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Alien OG with Sin Mint Cookies. Experience light & large frosty buds which overpower the nose with sharp traces of mint, and a subtle earthy, flowery sweetness."

Peanut Butter MAC | BLK MKT

#007 - Peanut Butter MAC | BLK MKT

"This particular cultivar is a colourful and highly mixed family tree that can be good for anyone experienced, regardless if they are looking for a Haze, Afghan or Kush."

BOAZ | Pizza Breath Artisanal

#008 - BOAZ | Pizza Breath Artisanal

"This handcrafted 50-50 hybrid strain is a cross of GMO Cookies x (Zktlz x OG Kush), with an aroma of onions, mushrooms and garlic and a flavour that is earthy and peppery."

Carmel  | Animal Face

#009 - Animal Face | Carmel Cannabis

"Long, mossy green buds with bright orange hairs have a strong aroma of gas, backed by flavours of lemon and cake."

Carmel | Garlic Breath

#010 - Carmel | Garlic Breath

"Long dense buds covered in resin. Funky aroma of garlic and coffee. Flavours are rich and earthy with a sweet, herbal taste on the exhale. "

Doja - Canopy Growth  | C99 ( Cinderella 99)

#011 - Doja - Canopy Growth | C99 (Cinderella 99)

"This Sativa strain, in dried flower form, has a strong THC content and may contain CBD. It may boost energy levels and create a feeling of euphoria. Its naturally occurring terpenes emit skunky and earthy aromas"

Carmel | M.A.C. 1

#012 - Carmel | M.A.C. 1

"Bred by Capulator, MAC 1 is a balanced hybrid created through crossing Jaws' Alien Cookies with his Miracle 15 male."