#002 - Cold Creek Kush | Redecan

"Cold Creek Kush is a MK Ultra x Chemdawg 91 hybrid strain"

Hybrid (Sativa leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Good representation of an Afghan and Haze cross. The slenderness of the flower and the wide spacing between calyxes is characteristic of Haze lineages while the popcorn buds, aroma and density are demonstrative to its Afghan genetics.

Pigment: Light green hues with a sprinkle of purple. Dark brown pistils that are small and scarce.

Ash Color: Dark grey after smoking in a spliff

Aroma: The caryophyllene and humulene definitely bring out a strong spicy note with a hint of tropical and floral sweetness from the linalool.

Trichomes: Abundant trichomes covering the flower like a blanket. Under the microscope you can find hundred of Capitulate-Stalked trichomes with Stellate Trichomes in the center. The amber hues show that the flower is slightly aged. Trichomes heads are milky and bulbous tops are likely missing due to the environment and age of the flower.

Trim: Overall a well-done trim, a few sugar leaves floating but nothing too alarming.

The Experience (Spliff)

The high is like a cool-hot summer breeze; it hits in subtle waves, each wave hitting harder than the last. This strain makes you want to get cozy with that special someone, put on a show and enjoy the giggles. It distorts time making you feel like you’re moving in slow motion. The humulene seemed to ward off any intense food cravings. After the peak of the high, it will leave you feeling like your body is floating – it feels good. It did cause a bit of nose irritation, likely due to the sugary trichomes.

Flavor: Spice from the caryophyllene dominates the palate, with hints of floral and earthy notes. Slightly plain.

​Packaging: Small plastic container with blue necklace around rim for the 3.5g product. No humidity pack, but, none needed.

Activity Pairing: Netflix and Chill. Definitely good for a date night with that special someone; a heavy-hitting strain that’s not too overwhelming.

Who we’d suggest this for: The veteran smoker looking to calm down and relax at the end of a day or to provide some muscle relaxation.

The Verdict

With redecan being one of the most popular cannabis companies, this bud in particular doesn’t represent what we, at The Woods are trying to achieve. The moisture content wasn’t up to par as I could break the bud up using my fingers. On a positive note, it didn’t turn into powder, but it wasn’t good enough. The flavor profile from the dry pull to smoking was inconsistent, leading to the overall experience being underwhelming. For a similar price point, brands such as Delta-9 would do a better job.

Duration 5/10
Trim 5/10
Taste 5/10
Intensity 5/10
Packaging 5/10
Overall 5.0/10