#006 - Alien SinMint | BLKMKT

"Alien SinMint Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Alien OG with Sin Mint Cookies. Experience light & large frosty buds which overpower the nose with sharp traces of mint, and a subtle earthy, flowery sweetness."

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Kush > Afghan (with a sprinkle of Haze)

Pigment: You can see hues of light to medium greens. The bright yellow-orange pistils are sprinkled around the bud fairly evenly. The size of the pistils are relatively small however.

Ash Color: A dark gray, whitish color.

Aroma: N/A

Trichomes: There were a lot of sessile-stalked trichomes but a fair amount of capitate-stalked trichomes as well. Near the stem you could see many non-glandular trichomes present. Most of the trichomes were clear in colour with few that were milky and even fewer that were amber coloured.

Trim: This bud had been taken care of really well and the trim was done very well.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: The high lasted roughly 3 hours with the climax ranging from 10 – 45 minutes.

Initial: The heat impacted the bud hard with the first pull. The dominating flavours that hit were a minty, spicy pepper with a hint of sour. I felt both relaxed but highly energized. My emotions were highly sensitive and I felt no inhibitions. Right after consuming this herb, the high hit me as I felt in a groovy mood. Music was hitting me differently, and I just felt the need to jam to it.

Mid Point: I found it hard to concentrate on activities that required focus. I wanted to have fun and engage in more creative activities. To be honest this was one of the most stimulating herbs I’ve had in a while, because unlike the Peanut Butter MAC, I wanted to be in control. My attention was all over the place as I engaged in a number of different activities in a short period of time. For e.g. Initially, I was listening and jamming to music, then all of a sudden I found myself cuddling on the sofa, shortly followed by doing some work, which was followed by some shopping and I finally ended up watching a movie. In short, I was all over the place.

End: Towards the end of the high, I felt really tired which wouldn’t come as a surprise to many. Nevertheless, the high I experienced was definitely unique and I was highly compelled to roll another spliff and go on a whole other trip with Alien Sinmint Cookies again.

Flavor: The flavour of the smoke was sharp and felt hot when inhaling. It was a tad bit overwhelming than I like, and honestly felt like I was drinking a mix of cognac, whisky, and spiced rum. The sourness from the limonene and myrcene piggybacked off the intensity of the caryophyllene. Luckily the myrcene double downed on the flavour bringing some sweetness to the bud. This was accompanied by the alpha-pine which is usually dominant in floral motes. There was an undertone of a minty flavour which is usually caused by the presence of Limonene, Alpha/Beta-Pinene since they are active terpenes found in mint.

Packaging: It came in a black petite glass container with a plastic lid with lock proof safety. Despite it feeling like cheap plastic, it was great for preserving the health of the flower.

Activity Pairing: I think this would be a perfect cultivar for someone looking to celebrate their birthday, or any special occasion. If you have a signifcant other we would say this cultivar is a great way to rekindle the flame in your relationship.

Who’d We Suggest This For: We’d suggest this cultivar to those above the age of 25 and above. With the nature of this bud, we’d recommend those individuals with better resolve or discipline. We would recommend this cultivar for anyone who wants to treat themselves while celebrating, or someone who is quite the romantic.

The Verdict

This is a great cultivar for those who like to be energized & looking to do creative activities throughout the day. After trying it a couple times, it’ll do well for those who enjoy a well rounded stimulating high that’ll lead to a nice blissful rest. The ancestry of this herb speaks to a different audience who like the double cross between Kush’s and Afghani’s with a hint of the Haze.

Duration 8/10
Trim 9/10
Taste 8/10
Intensity 9/10
Packaging 9/10
Overall 8.6/10