#007 - Peanut Butter MAC | BLK MKT

"This particular cultivar is a colourful and highly mixed family tree that can be good for anyone experienced, regardless if they are looking for a Haze, Afghan or Kush."



Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Kush x Haze dominant with a hint of afghani genetics present

Pigment: Variety of hues ranging from light to dark green alongside some purple. Also present are some bright orange pistils that are abundant, thick and wispy. The trichomes create a frosty gloss around the bud making it seem lighter in colour than it actually is.

Ash Color: The ash color that is produced is of a darkish grey. Unfortunately, the cannabis didn’t burn all the way through sometimes.

Aroma: N/A

Trichomes: Trichomes are predominately sessile-stalked with a few capitate-stalked. There are a lot of non-glandular trichomes located on the stem of the herb. The trichomes are predominately clear in colour, with traces that are milky white. If we were to make a comparison, the trichome density on this particular bud was similar to a powdered doughnut.

Trim: Very well trimmed & aesthetically pleasing

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 3 hours

10 – 45 minutes

Initial: After smoking the bud, I didn’t feel the high straight away. It gradually came in, taking it’s sweet time. At one point, I even questioned whether I should take another hit, because I felt like the bud wasn’t going to have an effect. But I was soon given a rude awakening as the heat and the flavour of the herb hit like a truck. The high hit strongly as I could feel the power of the herb with my muscles melting, entering complete relaxation.

Mid: Roughly around the hour mark, I developed a rough cough that didn’t want to pass. Despite this, I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time. I began to fell a bit frisky and was in the mood to ‘Netflix and Chill’. I know it if I tried to do anything in the realm of making love I would have to be on the bottom because I was lacking the energy.

End: I didn’t need to smoke the entire spliff to enjoy the high’s of the bud. Near the end, I felt like a passenger on a cruise not realizing that the ship had been docked for an hour. I felt the urge to hit the bed, lay down and get the best sleep possible. When I closed my eyes I had some vivid hallucinations/dreams.

Flavor: The flavour has minor notes of sweetness from the Farnesene but the herb was dominated by the spice of the caryophyllene. The sourness from the limonene blended well with the earthiness of the humulene, and the old mulch flavours from the beta-pinene. The bud tasted like I was like drinking chai-earl grey tea.

Packaging: The bud came in a petite black glass jar. However, similar to other packaging, the lid felt like cheap plastic. The cool thing about it though, was the “secret lock” which was pretty easy to open and kept the bud sealed.

Activity Pairing: Celebration with a small number of people for e.g. close friends and family. Could also be used for a fun night of debate/charades/mafia.

Who’d We Suggest This For: I would recommend this to people who want to treat themselves. Mostly, we’d recommend this to the older heads and connoisseurs, as the experience should be appreciated. If you’re looking to feel a blissful high that’ll lead to a dreamful night, this is the bud for you.

The Verdict

This particular cultivar is a colourful and highly mixed family tree that can be good for anyone experienced, regardless if they are looking for a Haze, Afghan or Kush. This cultivar can be appreciated by the market for its aroma, robust bud size and beautiful colours. The trichome density alone will set this cultivar apart and place it in a premium category and despite its steep price point, it definitely will not disappoint.

Duration 7/10
Trim 8/10
Taste 8/10
Intensity 9/10
Packaging 9/10
Overall 8.1/10