#008 - BOAZ | Pizza Breath Artisanal

"This handcrafted 50-50 hybrid strain is a cross of GMO Cookies x (Zktlz x OG Kush), with an aroma of onions, mushrooms and garlic and a flavour that is earthy and peppery."

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Kush dominate Haze, with hints of Afghan

Pigment: The flower is seemingly dominated by light hues of green but, there are a lot darker coloured sugar leaves and pedals than I thought from first glance.

Ash Color: light grey with some specks of black ash. It was a slow burner.
Aroma: With 3.46% terpenes, the aroma is hard to put your finger on. it smells like garlic bread, with hints of citrus and minimal spice. Off the top of my nose, I smell beta-pinene and alpha-cedrene, beta-myrcene, as well as a bit of the limonene.

Trichomes: this cultivar was dominated by capitate-stalked trichomes that were predominately clear in colour. There were many non-glandular trichomes and sessile-trichomes as well. When I first saw how abundant and robust the trichomes were on this flower I knew it was going to slap. The trichomes were evenly spaced out as if they were meticulously hand placed there by a methodical creature. The trichomes were very well preserved and showed minimal signs of damaging.

Trim: The trim wasn’t terrible considering the density of the bud, but there were a lot more sugar leaves than I would have liked.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

Climax: between 30 minutes – 2 hours into the session.

Initial: When lighting the spliff I was a bit concerned because the tip was immediately black. Nevertheless, once it was lit that spliff breathed smoke like a dragon. With my first drag I was basking in a sea of smoke, and I wanted to drown in it. The first words that came out my mouth was “Boaz fucking kilt this shit” (pardon my French). The spliff was burning so evenly and slow it made me very impressed because I didn’t roll the spliff that well. I was so impressed I needed to record my experience consuming the herb immediately, but I couldn’t record it properly because I kept getting distracted by the spliff itself.

Mid: In the middle of the experience, I was entertaining myself by doing a photo shoot and then editing the photos. I looked absolutely atrocious, but I didn’t feel bad for myself the way I usually would. Instead, I laughed it off and shared it with my family (the laughed at me too). I wasn’t too energetic but, I was quick with doing things like Speedy Gonzalez. Time felt as though it was visibly slowing down. I felt as though my thought and actions were more decisive. As the high continued (WARNING TMI…) I felt the need to get it on like Marvin Gaye because I wanted some sexual healing. Post-release I had more energy than I did before (and that barely happens) I thought I was going to peacefully go to bed but I was sadly mistaken – I was energized and feeling good.

End: The end of the high was sad because I felt the feeling slipping through my fingers. The comedown from the high wasn’t like a feather gracefully falling, it was more like a slap in the face and being pushed into the mud. I would have love to experience this type of high on a regular basis because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Although I didn’t feel the high too much afterwards, I definitely still had the same attitude throughout the rest of my day.

Flavor: The smoke flavour was extremely blended well. It was smooth which is indicative of it’s Kush dominate ancestry. There was definitely spice of the beta-caryophyllene which also brought a lot of heat to the flavour. It was also herbal as well with more hints of wood and sweet pine which can be accredited to the alpha-pinene and alpha-a-cedrene. Although limonene and myrcene are both dominate terpenes found in this cultivar the flavour wasn’t dominated by sourness. There were minute bursts of citrus in the flavour but, if you were looking for it then it would be on the back burner. The thing I also liked about the flavour was that it didn’t overstimulate the nerves in my mouth.

Packaging: the packaging is solid. It is the size of a small (not tiny) notebook. The exterior is thin brown paper and the interior is a mix of plastic and sliver barrier material. There is a green plastic label on the front which has the standard required information as well as the total terpene content. This package could afford to be smaller so it could preserver the bud integrity better. Although it looks as though it is premium packaging it is still cheap compared to other competitors.

Activity Pairing: I would say this cultivar is great for the doer who like to take their time. This cultivar gave me a great enough push to get things down without the haste factor. If someone knows they have a long-distance journey ahead of them with work but doesn’t want to break a sweat than I would suggest pizza breath.

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommend this cultivar to a connoisseur who can appreciate the experience of cannabis and who can afford to experience this cannabis.

The Verdict

From the trichome expression to the first and last drag of the spliff I would say this cultivar is a great product. Under the microscope I can tell that the Pizza Breath was handled with great care and consideration. BOAZ is well within the same class as cultivators such as Carmel, without the same level of brand recognition – with a cultivar as strong as this, Boaz will soon be getting the recognition they deserve!

Duration 9/10
Trim 7/10
Taste 8/10
Intensity 9/10
Packaging 7/10
Overall 8.1/10