#009 - Animal Face | Carmel Cannabis

"Long, mossy green buds with bright orange hairs have a strong aroma of gas, backed by flavours of lemon and cake."



Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Kush > Haze x Afghan. This is an odd one because the way the flower behaves resembles more of an Afghan dominate cultivar.

Pigment: Medium – dark green hues, with dark orange pistils

Ash Color: Dark ash

Aroma: The aroma is present but not as pungent as one would hope. I had to dive my nose deep into the bag to pick up on the entirety of the aroma’s bouquet. What I did pick up on was the fresh floral scents that alpha-pinene and linalool were gifting the herb with. I also could distinctly smell sweet and musky mangos. Whatever spice I did pick up on was very subtle, but it did bring a sense of warmth to the melody of aromas.

Trichomes: The population of the trichomes was abundant and dense, and seasoned. There were many different types of trichomes ranging from just bulbous to capitate-stalked and everything in between. There were a lot of clear trichome heads, but many had already turned amber in color. I suspect due to the packaging and possibly harvest date this flower lost a lot of integral trichome heads on the exterior of the bud due to its final packaging. If this was predominantly an Afghan cultivar than it should be kept in a container more similar to Ogen or Tenzo. If Animal Face expressed itself like Pizza Breath than that would be a different story all together. Nevertheless, the trichome population still alive, and surviving.

Trim: The trim wasn’t that bad, I did peel off some sugar leaves, but not enough to be alarmed.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 2.5 hours- 3 hours

Climax Duration: 25 minutes – 1.5 hour

Initial: When I took the first pull I had to take a minute (and I mean a minute) to think about what exactly I just experienced in that moment. I took a couple more pulls and for the first time in a long time I was just silent. I didn’t have much to say, I was simply interested in concluding as to why I felt a sense of immediate om-ness. I think it was about 5 minutes – 10 minutes into the highness that I finally became more vocal, and tried to identify the flavor profile which was smooth, and warm. I was like the first time I drank Sour Sop tea, with condensed milk and cinnamon. My nerves were immediately calm. Although I did realize as I was recording my screen was flickering as if there was some paranormal activity afoot. Nevertheless, in a situation where I would usually be incredibly spooked I was incredibly calm… mind you, just to be safe I did open the door.

Mid: Animal face made a statement when inhaled, I felt a tingly, humming sensation in my face epidermis. I also felt my muscles relax, almost as if I was entering a theta-vibration. I found myself in a meditative state, as if I was observing myself through a spiritual lens. I found that my breathing slowed down, how fixated I was that this specific highness made me feel like I just smoked an Afghan dominate cultivar. I kept repeating “this has to be an afghan, it has to be.” I am not sure if it is or not considering this would be labelled as a Kush dominate cultivar…. yet it’s hard to shake the simplicity of the highness, the gradual uplift, the smoothness, the deep aroma’s, and thick flavors… it all reminded me of an Afghan cultivar, and it’s phenotype expression would also suggest that as well. Nevertheless, it does make sense for this to be labelled as a Kush if we are only looking at the parents of Animal Face than it is safe to go with the simpler answer (although it’s genetics are much more complicated than that)

End: The end came sooner than it should’ve considering I didn’t even finish my spliff. I actually didn’t feel the need to do so because from the first puff I was cooked… I ended up puffing a little over half the spliff. Although I only smoked a bit, I really enjoyed the high. I felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation, a pause, and moment of bliss. The flavors were fresh, warm, and sweet. I spent most of my time doing research (something I love to do), I also tried to do my own DIY ancestry DNA testing for the Animal Face cultivar that may or may not be accurate. I didn’t feel any grogginess, or sluggishness from the come-down of the highness but, I did notice I was no longer being accompanied by my friend anymore. Near the end of the highness my boyfriend finally arrived home. I was in such a good mood, I just wanted to cuddle and watch a movie. The highness certainly wore off because I suddenly felt the need to chit chat, and tell my boyfriend all about my day…. too bad he missed me when I took the first puff, he could’ve had hours of silence!

Flavor: The flavor of the smoke was smooth, and warm. It was fresh, sharp, but in a subtle way. The alpha-pinene and linalool mix made the floral flavors stand out in a very bold manner. The myrcene and the limonene with the alpha-pinene brought out a sharp citrus, flavor that was simmered down by the presence of linalool. Beta-caryophyllene brought out what was like cinnamon or cloves. All of theses together coupled with the shadowed terpenes made a fest of flavors that was simply delicious. It was like the first time my boyfriends mother made me porridge… It was like biting into heaven. That is what the flavor of the smoke tasted like to me… a warm, a creamy, sweet bowl, of cornmeal porridge with a slice of hard dough bread. Context – It had been years since I ate porridge before that day, but my boyfriend convinced me she was the best in the business. She had been making the porridge for three hours and all I remember is her just stirring the pot… I figured If I didn’t have to finish it. She poured some into a mug for me, drizzled some condensed milk into the center, sprinkled some cinnamon, and broke off a slice of hard dough bread… I dipped the bread into the mug…. and the rest is her-story.

Packaging: All orange, really nice stand out staple that tells you it’s Carmel. They give details such as genetic lineage, breeder, appearance of flower, aroma, flavor and terpenes. This is not only helpful for the possible consumer but budtenders to be able to have the details to sell something with out even trying it. For the person that hates the child proof bags this one has instructions you can finally stop yelling at the inanimate object that’s stopping you from getting at your weed and getting high. I appreciate the bags more than excessive amounts of plastic that don’t stay as fresh as an air tight bag.

Activity Pairing: Unwind, creativity, research, intimacy, and meditation

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommend this to the people who are looking to feel a weight lifted off their shoulders. I would recommend this to anyone 25 – up who appreciates a quality elevation experience and enjoys a smooth blend of flavors.

The Verdict

This cultivar was handled well in many ways. The overall experience was extremely enjoyable and more so, I respected the experience. I wasn’t in a rush to feel anyone thing because I was immediately satisfied with what I got from Animal Face. Although I believe that if the packaging suited the cultivar better it could’ve elevated this cultivars rating, it still did pretty damn good job anyways. I liked the highness more than I thought for someone who doesn’t enjoy things that have been over hyped to much. This cultivar lives up to it’s reputation as being one of the best.

Duration 8.4/10
Trim 9/10
Taste 9/10
Intensity 8.7/10
Packaging 7.8/10
Overall 8.7/10