#011 - Doja - Canopy Growth | C99 (Cinderella 99)

"This Sativa strain, in dried flower form, has a strong THC content and may contain CBD. It may boost energy levels and create a feeling of euphoria. Its naturally occurring terpenes emit skunky and earthy aromas"

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Haze-dominant x Afghan

Pigment: The flower is surprisingly spattered with a lot of deep greens. When under the light the light greens start to peek out. The pistils of sativa lineages usually tend to be bountiful, yet they are scarce in this cultivar. They are long which is common for sativa’s and resemble copper.

Ash Color: Light grey ash

Aroma: The aroma is pungent with heavy citrus notes of limonene and hints of terpinolene as well as the sourness from mangos from myrcene there is also a fresh floral aroma brought to us by the alpha-pinene. The cultivar has the aroma of spicy cinnamon which can be attributed to alpha-phellandrene and caryophyllene

Trichomes: The trichomes were hard to identify. There were sections on the flower that was dense with trichomes, but it happened to be more non-glandular, bulbous, and capitate-sessile trichomes. There were some areas that had a lot of amber colours resign glands or there were black spots forming.

Trim: It is done very well with only a few scraps of sugar leaves

The Experience (Spliff)

Initial: The initial draw was very awakening; it made my sinuses feel like they were being cleared and I didn’t even know I was stuffy. I could breathe very well as the alpha-pinene got to work on my lungs. My brain felt like it was expanding like a balloon being blown up by a clown. My senses felt as though they were sharper, and my heartbeat started moving quicker.

Mid: For a quick minute I felt the need to have fun, and jump around, but just as the thought came it went away. I did get hungry even though I had already eaten a full meal like 5 minutes prior to smoking. I ended up eating again – surprise surprise, the limonene reactivated my appetite!

End: The end of the high was “”meh””. It was like a rude guest who visited but didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t feel a crash which was nice, but I believe it’s because I was so active playing video games and being social on FaceTime with my friends. It was a comfortable experience, yet it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Flavor: The dry pull was delicious like a sweet and sour candy. As soon as it is lit the citrus starts to taste as if has curdled because of the gassy and dirt taste. The sweetness still seems to peek through which takes the focus of the dirty, spicy taste. There are distinguishable tastes of the alpha-pinene, caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, and what seems like chamomile which I believe bisabol is dominant in.

Packaging: Plastic cylinder container. Too large for a 3.5g flowers home. The moisture of the herb didn’t completely dissipate but, it could’ve been improved it the package was relative to its size. It is identifiable with a coffee-cream beige colour.

Activity Pairing: Having fun, trying to get loose and laugh. If you’re about to eat and have a feast that this will boost the appetite

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommend this cultivar for someone looking for a close to pure bred cultivar. Something exciting and engaging for a reasonable price. This is a product that is a shout out to the oldies and for whoever appreciates the good ol’ times.

The Verdict

This cultivar is unique and stable due to minimal cross breeding. Although it is hard to say for sure what the genetic lineage of this cultivar is it is an uplifting haze mixed with the earthy dense Afghan genetics. It may be hard to compete with other cultivar based on price but, I believe Jack Herer is highly renowned and respected cultivar and it speaks to the clients that appreciate the good old sweet gassy herb. C99 has just made a comeback so maybe it will attract a select target market.

Duration 6/10
Trim 9/10
Taste 7/10
Intensity 5/10
Packaging 4/10
Overall 6.4/10