#013 - Color Cannabis | Mango Haze

"A sativa-dominant strain with mild THC potency."

Hybrid (Sativa leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Mango Haze is (Northern Lights #5 x Skunk x Haze) x Unknown CBD cultivar. Northern Lights #5 is possibly Afghani x Thai landrace mix. Haze is Mexico x Thailand x India x Colombia cultivars. Skunk is Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia cultivars

Ash Color: Dark grey to black.

Aroma: pretty fragrant scent of earth mixed with tropical fruits such as mangos and pineapples.

Trichomes: The trichome population was surprisingly healthy and dense. Despite the package date being in April the trichomes where still translucent which can be attributed to the harvest date not being to long before the package date. The trichomes were predominately sessile-stalked. Majority of the trichomes had their resin glands attached.

Trim: Terrible, horrendous. I could spend 10 minutes or more re-trimming a couple of buds.

The Experience (Spliff)

Cerebral High Duration: 1.5 hours

Mood Moderator Duration: 4 – 6 hours

Climax Duration: 25 – 45 minutes

Initial: When I first opened the package, I was met with a pungent aroma as if someone farted in my face, except the scent was welcomed. It was skunk coupled with some sweet tropical, and sour fruits scents. The dry pull wasn’t as flavourful as I would have hoped because it was dull. When I began to puff, I realized early Ms. Mango Haze and I were not off to a good start. I rolled first with the whisky blunt and then had to switch to the hemp spliff solely because I felt as if my mouth as filmy and greasy; I felt like I bit into a ball of petroleum jelly. I couldn’t concentrate on the Zen experience due to my physical reaction to the high was so vulgar. I assumed the initial traumatic experience was due to the presence of the whisky tobacco, but I was wrong. I couldn’t bring myself to complete either one. There were points in the smoke session that I appreciated the flavour, but I was never able to sit in those moments gracefully.

Mid: Near the middle of my “high” I felt like I was being pulled onto two different paths. Path number one wanted me to be creative and focused, and path number two wanted me to be slumped and relaxed but, I wasn’t able to do either one of them in an enjoyable fashion. I was split. (TMI Warning) I can tell you one thing though this cultivar it the go-to cultivar for “getting it on” or “making love.” I felt pure bliss when making the beast with two backs while being elevated by Ms. Mango Haze. I felt like time had stop and the rhythm of life itself was one with me. It was breathtaking to say the least.

End: This was an odd wrap up to a “high” experience because it didn’t fully wrap up. The high itself was very quiet and subtle. I did notice when it crept away and shut the door on its way out because it reminded me of the sound of an old rickety door. As for my mood high, I felt like that was going to last for ever. It was weird because even though I wasn’t ‘high” my head still felt like it was spacey like a haze. Actually, I felt like a functional vegetable. I was disconnected from worry, and anxiety almost to a point of numbness.

Packaging: This package is an oversized pocket bag with a silver interior-lining to preserve the flowers integrity. The colour is a chocolate purple with label on either side of the package. It has a zip-lock opening with a child-proof lock mechanism.

Activity Pairing: I true day to chill with no obligations.

Who We’d Suggest For: Someone who it looking for some bedroom fun without the need to get super high.

The Verdict

This was not my cup of tea. The trichome expression was delightful and the terpenes were healthy no doubt, and even the moisture content was together but, the experience was comme ci comme ça (so, so). It made my mouth feel yuck, and I was being pulled into two different directions, and I didn’t want to finish either of the spliffs I rolled, and the trim was scary as hell, there maybe someone who enjoys all that.

Duration 8/10
Trim 3/10
Taste 6/10
Intensity 7/10
Packaging 6/10
Overall 6/10