“Indica is a strain with very high THC potency potential and very little CBD. Where you find Twd., you’ll find value. It’s that simple.”

#014 - TWD | Indica

"Indica is a strain with very high THC potency potential and very little CBD. Where you find Twd., you’ll find value. It’s that simple."

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Predominantly Afghan with hints of Kush

Pigment: a mix of light-medium green. A lot of the sugar leaves had dark greens. The pistils were somewhat bright orange with a few dark ones that were copper in colour. The bud did have some shimmering trichomes which made the bud seem lighter in colour.

Ash Color: dark-grey and black

Aroma: Fairly good. I could pick up some sweetness, with a hint of gas and wood. It was had a tropical sweetness to it as well. My nose could pick up on each individual set of scents pretty well.

Trichomes: The trichomes were surprisingly well kept. On the exterior there was some creamy-amber resin tops but within the interior of the bud majority of the trichomes were still transparent. There was a dense population of trichomes which is indicative of the Kush ancestry. I am not entirely surprised because the moisture content of the bud was pretty well done. I could grind the bud with my hand, but it was not dry. My fingers actually picked up some off the stickiness from the bud.

Trim: terrible. when I emptied the jar a lot of sugar leave piled up on my trey.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Climax Duration: I didn’t climax

Initial: The dry pull was flavourful. It was leaning more towards a gassy, skunk, sweet citrus mixed with fresh earth flavours. I thought that this bud may be Tweeds’ Afghan Kush is because it shared a lot of the bud’s characteristics. Nevertheless, when I lit it it tasted very woody. Honestly, I puffed, puffed, and puffed until my name turned into Puff Daddy and still I didn’t feel any higher.

Mid: I was playing a card game and while doing that I was acting crazy. I kept making up impromptu songs, rapping when I don’t know how to rap and just doing the most. My friend asked me if I had ADHD 5 times… and I think I had it for a moment during my rendezvous with Ms. TWD Indica. I found myself puffing, and puffing, and puffing on the spliff to feel something… anything… but still nothing. It was like beating a dead zombie horse… for a moment I thought the high was alive even though I knew it was dead. It was nice that I could stomach the smoke session unlike my experience with the daily special.

End: The ending came sooner than I thought (that’s what she said :p). Honestly the high was only disappointing because I feel like the high could’ve preformed better. This high was like a silent whisper because it wasn’t loud at all. I believe I could smoke all the 3.5g and still wouldn’t feel a thing. Because the terpene profile was so robust, with 20% THC (allegedly), and decent trichome expression, I thought that maybe TWD can do it. Maybe it can make me stoned. But I don’t even remember getting high. I felt like the cultivar was presented in a way that is false because of the experience I had.

Flavor: The flavour of the smoke was woody and earthy. That is attributed to the presence of the P-Cymene. There were extremely subtle tastes of floral sweetness which I think both the terpinolene and the ocimene take credit for. Myrcene usually dominates the Indica genetic lineages, so I am not surprised that earthy and some of the citrus sweetness is also attributed to it’s presence. During the puffing of this herb, I did pick up on some subtle sharp peppery flavours which I believe the Selinadienes terpene can take credit for. The flavour didn’t taste horrible but, it didn’t taste good. It almost tasted like almost burnt rice. The spliff also left like an oily filminess in my mouth.

Packaging: plain plastic cylinder container that is a bit bigger than my hand. It is an all-white container with a basic pharmaceutical child-lock for the cover.

Activity Pairing: I would pair this cultivar with the activity of simple smoking solely for the sake of smoking.

Who We’d Suggest For: This would be great for addicts who need the muscle memory of smoking without the effect of it. This would be great for someone looking to slowdown on tobacco or even cannabis consumption. I think this would be great for anyone with no standards or an idea of what being high really is.

The Verdict

This cultivar was simply all talk. It can’t even start my engine. If you want to play a prank on someone or use this as a placebo to see if anyone can tell the difference between real and fake cannabis than sure…. why not….

Duration 3/10
Trim 3/10
Taste 2/10
Intensity 3/10
Packaging 5/10
Overall 3/10