#015 - LBS | Sunset

"Sunset is an indica-dominant strain with a spicy pepper and clove aroma, and very strong THC potency."

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Kush > haze

Pigment: Medium – dark green hues around the exterior of the flower. The interior showed some light-medium green hues. There were some dark orange pistils present. The pistil population wasn’t very large.

Ash Color: dark brown with black specs Aroma: It isn’t very aromatic. I had to put my nose pretty close to the interior of the container to pick up on the scents. When up close the aroma is pungent dominated by floral and woody aromas. I definitely picked up on dome solid spices as well.

Trichomes: The trichome population was healthy although on the exterior there was a lot of patchiness. I believe it’s because of the presence of the sugar leaves. The state of the trichomes made the age of the bud questionable. There were a lot of amber coloured resin glands. There were a lot of clustered trichome tops as well. I believe that the sessile-stalked trichomes were the most distinguishable.

Trim: the trim is pretty satisfying. There was a good amount of sugar leaves on the bud, but they were hugging onto the bud pretty tight.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Climax Duration: 25 minutes – 1hour

Initial: The dry pull was very similar to the aroma of the herb. It was very woody and floral with hints of spice. The flavour of the smoke was dominated by wood and spice which can be attributed to the Beta-caryophyllene mix with humulene and the beta-ylangene. The floral flavour was definitely present due to the presence of the linalool terpene. I didn’t need to smoke a lot because honestly my tummy started to ache a bit. I did feel my head and body start to relax. The climax was definitely felt late in the high experience. I felt unbothered or more so, I didn’t feel distracted or rushed. I think about a lot of things, and sometimes it’s hard for me to be just doing nothing but this helped to slow things down a bit.

Mid: Although I put the spliff down earlier, I decided to pick it up again. I immediately noticed I was disappointed by the initial puff. The flavour was blah… and my nose was irritated as if I was experiencing allergies. The tip got hot enough that the buds started to sweat and make my mouthpiece sticky. I had to keep massaging the tip of the spliff eventually having to empty the tip completely to save the rest of the smoke session. I am not surprised considering the clustering of the trichomes and their age.

End: Bedtime…. I don’t know if it’s solely due to d’herb but, my head felt floppy. I needed to crawl into bed and get a goodnights sleep. BUT before that I wanted to finish the rest of the spliff. Honestly passed the noise tingly and the tummy ache it really felt like it was doing okay… or maybe I just have a problem now…..

Flavor: The smoke was like I was in the woods eating the scraps from Mother Nature. There was a nice robust floral flavour which can be attributed to the linalool. The Selinadienes and Beta-Caryophyllene blended well to bring a sharp but subtle spice to the flavour. The Humulene was like a blanket creating that hoppy musk which helped to blend the flours making the overall taste mundane but appreciated.

Packaging: Neat. It is a cube container that is made from hard plastic. The lid is a basic pharmaceutical child-lock. When opened the interior seems smaller than what matches the exterior size. (as if the bottom is raised)

Activity Pairing: Going to bed. I think this would be good for when you need to relax

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommend this to the people looking for the “”strong stuff”” but they are novice consumers. I would suggest this to anyone who doesn’t care about the blend, flavour, or health of the plant they just want something to get right to the point.

The Verdict

Meh…. although I felt the buzz this doesn’t do the trick as apposed to the other herb on the market in the same price range. This is a great herb for someone new, desperate, and ignorant to what is available on the market.

Duration 6/10
Trim 6/10
Taste 6/10
Intensity 7/10
Packaging 6/10
Overall 6.2/10