#019 - Ogen | Freshly Baked #76

"Hot out of our oven, Freshly Baked #76 has an aroma that features a mix of gas, creamy sweetness and hits of spice. It really takes the cake!"

Hybrid (Sativa leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Predominantly Afghan, with presence of Kush x Haze

Pigment: Medium – dark green hues with minor purple pigmentation. The pistils range from bright orange to blood-copper in color

Ash Color: Dark grey, with a lot of black specks

Aroma: The aroma was pretty pungent. I immediately picked up on the citrus and floral aromas from the limonene and bisabol. The spice from the caryophyllene was hard to pick up at first but after I picked up on the scent, I couldn’t shake it off

Trichomes: The trichomes were preserved very well. The trichome heads were clear in color and those that were amber were very recently turning that color. The trichome population was healthy and dense. Majority of the trichomes were a solid mix of capitate and sessile-stalked trichomes.

Trim: The trim was solid, but it could’ve been better. As the bud dried more, more sugar leaves became apparent

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Climax Duration: 10 -45 minutes

Initial: At first glance I knew this was a match made in haven. The dry pull has a sharp citrus flavor to it coupled with a creamy floral sweetness. When I lit the spliff I was finally greeted by it’s excellence beta-caryophyllene, it’s spice was quick, and warm. It vaguely reminded me of the cinnamon candy hearts that were given out during valentine’s day. As I continued to smoke, I decided to challenge myself – I wanted to experience the contrast between from a light drag to a deep drag of smoke. The deep drag wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be considering how bold the flavors present themselves during the session.

Mid: As I continued to smoke, I started to feel a nice mental buzz, my body was incredibly relaxed. I felt like I was in two places at once. My mind could go to the fare while my body took the day to relax, It was definitely an interesting feeling. I felt as if I could hear myself talking in my head (I swear I am not crazy)… The feeling was as if I was meditating, I felt as breathable as a breeze.

End: I wanted to finish the spliff as if it was a meal. Near the end of the first spliff something interesting happened, a huge glob of resin started to accumulate at the tip of the mouthpiece. I smeared it on my index finger, and it looked and felt so cool. It wasn’t hard at all; the consistency was like Rick Simpson oil. It was dope. When I licked my lips the flavor wasn’t completely bitter, it was also sweet, and creamy just like a cake.

Flavor: delicious. At first it was sharp, very spice and citrus forward. After a while it blended well. I started to pick up on vanilla, and berries as well. The humulene and bisabol helped to make the sharpness from the limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene from being so intense.

Packaging: Excellent. I love this packaging, it perfectly preserves the bud’s integrity, it provides the basic information and made out of plastic but it’s great at doing it’s job. It fits in the palm of your hand and it two fingers wide, and the size of my index finder in height.

Activity Pairing: I would say a nice romantic night that begins and ends with treating yourself. I think this cultivar would be great for the introverted artists that like to be by themselves while they make a masterpiece. If you were to chill with a group, I think it would be great for a house party setting with a handful of close friends

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommend this to the particular-person, someone who it looking to feel something, whether it be to feel engaged or to disconnect I would recommend this to the person who is searching for something.

The Verdict

Yes, hands down. From the package to the bud integrity and more, I really enjoyed this high, and for the price point you can’t go wrong. I don’t think this is for the extremist but, I do think this is for the group of individuals who like to feel just enough to make a difference in their live, and I think this does just that. The aroma is delightful, and for a predominate Indica genetics consumers this can help break barriers for them by introducing Sativa dominate genetics in a different light.

Duration 7/10
Trim 8/10
Taste 7.9/10
Intensity 7.7/10
Packaging 9/10
Overall 7.8/10