#020 - Ogen | Early Glue

"Early Glue RBx1 is the reverse back-cross of GG4 x Black Fire F-1 with GG4. The result? A distinctly creamy aroma with a funky floral finish"

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Afghan > Kush > Haze

Pigment: Medium – dark green hues, bright orange, and blood copper pistils.

Ash Color: Dark grey with black specs

Aroma: The terpenes are nice and aromatic. The Afghan genetics shows very well due to the scent being somewhat stifled before you bust the bud open. The limonene is pungent in this bud. The myrcene and humulene mix brings a citrus musk to the aroma. It makes the bud smell like a cider beer.

Trichomes: The trichomes health, population, and density was A1 all around. This cultivar was healthy from the moment it was picked to the moment I broke the seal. The trichomes were mostly capitate-stalked with a few sessile-stalked. The trichomes heads were clear, with minimal of them already being amber.

Trim: the trim was close to the bud

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Climax Duration: 10 minutes – 45 minutes

Initial: The dry pull would make one think they were smoking a haze forward cultivar. It was extremely citrusy, if it wasn’t for the presence of the humulene and bisabol bringing the Afghan flavors to it, I wouldn’t have known this was an Afghan. When I lit the spliff I puffed, and puffed, and was pleasantly pleased by the flavors. I do believe it could’ve been blended a tad bit better because of how sharp the spice and citrus initially came off but, overall, it was tasty.

Mid: In the mist of my high I found that time seamed to noticeably slow down. Unfortunately, somehow I found myself doing physical work, such as spring cleaning (getting rid of old furniture) with my boyfriend. I had been asking for this task to be completed for a while. When it began It was a struggle, and I found the task hard… not because it was heavy to move, but simply because I wasn’t in the mood to do the task at the time. During that time, I felt an overwhelming sensation to just relax, cuddle, and watch a movie while eating caramel popcorn. My boyfriend was focused on getting the job done, but I was slow because “I got high”… in my defense it was a sticky spliff. Nevertheless, he ended up telling me to get out of his way… and like a hero he completed the task by himself.

End: Near the end of my high I felt a sense of satisfaction. For some reason I felt like if I would go to bed it would be the best sleep evaaaa. The end of the high lingered a bit, it got to a point where I had to keep asking if I was still high or not. The only way to test if I wasn’t smoking a bowl in order to see if their was any contrast (of course there was contrast!). After my third bowl, I was definitely high again, and I also remember realizing that this cultivar tastes really good in a bong. I enjoyed the nice head and body tingling sensation this gave me.

Flavor: Spicy, spicy. It was sharp, and I found the tip of my nose to be very sensitive when I took my first pull. Nevertheless it didn’t stop me at all. I found my mouth to be a bit filmy as if it was coated with oil from the resin. The subtle notes of sweet cream, berries, and flowers crept in the shadows.

Packaging: I love this packaging, it perfectly preserves the bud’s integrity, it provides the basic information and made out of plastic but it’s great at doing it’s job. It fits in the palm of your hand and it two fingers wide, and the size of my index finder in height.

Activity Pairing: I would pair this strain with a nice day of relaxation and meditation. Possibly a day to treat yourself, go to a massage and loosen up

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommend this strain to anyone looking for a good time on a casual day. I think this would be a great pick for anyone looking to feel a nice body buzz whether it be by themselves or in a crowd.

The Verdict

Simply put OGEN is consistently providing an excellent elevation experience for all their clients. What they lack in regard to details and education they definitely make up for it in regards to the bud integrity, and quality of the high. I really respect what you get for the price point.

Duration 7.8/10
Trim 8/10
Taste 7.5/10
Intensity 8/10
Packaging 9/10
Overall 8/10