#021 - OGEN | Lemon Z

"Our Lemon Z #42 is a sativa-dominant strain that provides a punchy lemon aroma with hints of warm brown sugar and chocolate. "

Hybrid (Sativa leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Kush maybe — Genetics suggest that it is an Afghan x Haze > Ruderalis cultivar. We don’t know if the cultivar is a Kush.

Pigment: light – medium green hues with some purple pedals. The pistils were yellow – dark orange in color

Ash Color: dark grey with a lot of black specs.

Aroma: The terpenes are pungent and easy to dissect. The aroma had reminded me of sour diesel, it was gassy and citrusy. The limonene and myrcene made themselves very apparent. It also had a floral sweetness to it (thanks to the linalool) that made the aroma soft and warm. I did pick up on some spice from the beta-caryophyllene but the humulene presence helped to nullify the scent.

Trichomes: I think I was most pleased by the preservation of the trichomes with this bud. Under the microscope the trichomes were clear, crisp, and healthy. They almost looked like they had been frozen because they were so well preserved. The exterior of the buds trichome population was thriving and the interior was just as beautiful. The sizes ranged in between capitate and sessile-stalked trichomes. It was a beautiful sight to see and solidified why packaging matters so much regarding protecting the bud integrity.

Trim: The trim could’ve been better in it’s more dried state but, the sugar leaves that were present happened to be extremely sugary.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 2.5 -3.5 hours

Climax Duration: 10 minutes – 1.5 hour

Initial: The dry pull surprisingly tasted like a delicious black licorice strip. The surprising part being that it tasted delicious (I don’t even like black licorice). The dry pull was flavorful, and presented notes of sour citrus, gas, and lavenders. When I lit it, I knew that I was sleeping on OGEN for real. The spice from the beta-caryophyllene was like I was eating jerk chicken, the sourness reminded me of a sour mango. It made the ridge of my mouth really sensitive. I was feeling a lot in many ways. I zoned out pathologically, and every time I came back too, I would say “this is smooooth yeo!” I was gradually being elevated; my mouth was salivating so the flavors were much bolder than it would be if I was experiencing dry mouth.

Mid: As I continued to smoke, I realized that the ash was dark and flaky-ish. I wasn’t entirely surprised the ash was dark because the bud overall was dry. Not dry because it came that way but, it was dry because the container was opened well before I filmed the video, so it didn’t retain it’s moisture content very well at all. Nevertheless, when I did preform a squish test the bud was still sticky and it didn’t completely crumble although it was very kiefy. I woke up in a good mood, and this helped to carry me to an extra level of bliss so I continued to smoke blissfully, and I would occasionally dance to the music in the background.

End: I didn’t want this high to end to be honest I dragged it out a bit. I had such a good time with this herb from dancing and grooving to getting some work done and reading. I really liked the flavor of the herb and how absolutely well this high was preserved under the conditions of how this herb was handled after the seal was broken. I could only imagine if I busted this seal opened and smoked it straight from that point… it would have been FIRE!!!! I am team Indica all day erry-day especially Afghans. The truth is I am naturally energetic so sometimes when I consume Sativa genetic cultivars it can take me higher, and faster than I need to go so I shy away from them sometimes. Nevertheless, this particular Sativa is something I can see myself consuming a lot based on its genetics – not only does it have Afghan ancestry, but it also helps to bring me a sense of bliss and euphoria that is usually reserved by Sativa dominate genetics. Lemon Z is the best of both worlds for me.

Flavor: The flavor of the smoke was delicious. If I could name everything off the top of my head I could say, it tastes like a bowl of fruit loops cereal, or like licorice, or like herbal tea… It tastes like so many things! It taste like an orange chocolate candy bar, and so much more. This cultivar is unlocking so many memories, and emotions connected to foods and places that I have been. It simply tastes like lollipops and rainbows.

Packaging: I love this packaging, it perfectly preserves the bud’s integrity, it provides the basic information and made out of plastic but it’s great at doing it’s job. It fits in the palm of your hand and it two fingers wide, and the size of my index finder in height.

Activity Pairing: Anything except for restfulness. This would be great for a day of work, chilling with friends to catch a laugh, being by yourself and meditating, or to simply get it on. I think this would be great for a reset day, a day to say thank-you for your blessings and living your day to the fullest.

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommended this to the people who are sativa enthusiast and those nervous to consumes sativa due to it’s harsh reputation for producing anxiety and paranoia. The recipe of this cultivar is deliciously made to protect, preserve, and promote your highness.

The Verdict

Hell Yes (period). This is already something we stock and there is a good reason for that. I really appreciate how well this bud’s integrity held up all till this point. This packaged has been opened and exposed more than it should have been, yet the high was still so sensitive, sultry, and sexy. It was defiantly the type of high people are looking for when they want to feel something smooth and silky. I really appreciated this experience of highness. It was much needed.

Duration 9.3/10
Trim 8/10
Taste 8.9/10
Intensity 9.2/10
Packaging 9/10
Overall 8.9/10