#022 - Burb | BC Zaza

"BC Zaza is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Animal Face and Sherb Crasher strains. Strong tropical fruit and vanilla flavours offer a delicious sweet and sour aroma combination."

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Kush > Afghan > Haze

Pigment: To the naked eye it looks like it has a dark forest green color to it. The pistils are blood orange; the trichomes silently whisper as they shimmer in the light. When under the microscope, the bud is actually dominated by dark blue pigmentations than anything else.

Ash Color: Grey

Aroma: The aroma gets stronger the closer you get… and you have to get pretty close. The aroma is soft, warm and smooth. The aroma is fresh, floral, with a hint of spice that blankets the bouquet. It smells good but something about the smell doesn’t flow.. it crashes.

Trichomes: The trichomes population was more abundant than I thought; under the microscope, the bud looked as if it had been rolled in sticky caviar. Most of the trichomes were simple the bulbous head tops without the stalks if not that then sessile stalked. The majority of the trichomes were young (perhaps too young) and transparent. The stem was riddled with non-glandular trichomes which was nice to see.

Trim: The trim is pretty close to the bud
with only a few wispy sugar leaves present.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Climax Duration: 10 minutes – 1 hour

Initial: When performing a dry pull I was met with a delicious blend of flavor from peaches to pecans… it reminded me a lot of the Georgia Pie produced by Cookies. When sparked I remember being pleasantly surprised; BC Zaza gave me the feeling that it was made for me. The smoke was light, but bountiful and the flavors were distinct. When consuming BC Zaza I was with my pals so we were comparing our notes that’s how I found out how different this cultivar was from another on they had encounter in the past. Apparently this BC Zaza didn’t look or behave like the other cultivars of it’s kind. That’s because there are cultivars called Zaza – one is a mix of Blue Dream x Dankness and the other is Scotts OG x Gas station Bob. The story goes that the Zaza they came across was paler in color and didn’t have as much of it’s pistil’s showing as Burbs did; they was disgusted when he saw the one Burb produced… the funny thing is that they enjoyed the spliff regardless. They thought it was hella smooth, great blend of flavors and overall delightful. I also thought it was great… I actually became obsessed with it! Despite that I can say the spicy flavors lingered a lot longer then I would’ve hoped; it was heavy on the front of the tongue and back of the throat.

Mid: I rolled at least a gram of the flower into the spliff but it seemed to last for hours; we were telling stories while sipping on the spliff. Near the end of the spliff I was contemplating buying another half-q just because… unfortunately for me, I have way too much marijuana at home to justify buying more. Nevertheless, I began to pinch the spliff. My pal and I actually started to beef (playing around) over the spliff. I believe a good chunk of time passed by before we decided to all go inside because for a moment we forgot it was cold. I believe it was an hour into the highness when I realized I felt really good, loose, and blissful. I was inhibited and detached from worry. I remember how much lag I felt this morning after waking up. My neck muscle had been giving me more troubles lately (more than I could handle) so I finally decided to treat myself. I had applied some transdermal CBD cream a couple of times in the day, I also consumed a high CBD oil from Mood Ring about an hour or so before consuming BC Zaza. I am 100% sure the combination of BC Zaza and the CBD products made a difference. I don’t know all the facts, but what I do know is that CBD turns THC’s volume down when they come in contact with one another. I am certain that the effects of the cultivar weren’t as ‘loud’ as it could be, that being said if that’s the case then BC Zaza is better then I thought. I was giggling like a goof moments into the spliff; near the end of the spliff I felt comfortable enough to tell someone (truthfully… as a joke) that I was going to rob them…

End: Near the end of the highness I was holding onto it for dear life; I even attempted a chance at a second wind by taking a bong hit but there was only crumbs left, in that moment I realized that I have fallen in love with the BC Zaza’s. I now understood the hype over this company, and now why my bosses were so desperate to get their claws on them. I was surprised by this cultivar’s performance considering what it looked like under the microscope; I suppose size doesn’t matter considering there was barely and stalked trichomes. Nevertheless, the bulbous resin glands that were present happened to be quite large in width. I would like to note that I noticed I became air-headed and filled with confusion; I was experiencing slight paranoia and anxiety. It wasn’t alarming, but it was present. I was experiencing a crash in shape, way, or fashion. It was actually quite drastic… My pals were asking me questions and I couldn’t answer them. For the most part I couldn’t hear them; it was odd because it wasn’t like I couldn’t hear them more so It was as if I was zoning in and out of the conversation sporadically. I believe this was the most concerning aspect of this highness… I believe this lasted for about 40 minutes – 1.5 hours after the highness seemed to no longer be noticeable.

Flavor: The flavor of the dry pull reminded me so much of the Georgia pie; it was sweet, floral, with notes of spice. I also picked up on creamy vanilla and citrus flavors. I think the single most disappoint thing about experiencing the BC Zaza was the lack of information down to the terpenes that Burb provided to it’s clients. It’s a shame that I have to play guessing games this late into the game on top of that this company has a partnership with another established brand, Citizen Stash; you would think between the two of them they would have enough sense to provide something as simple as the ingredients in the bud… but I guess not.

Packaging: The package is a mini cylinder container with a child protective lock that is a basic pharmaceutical push-down twist-left lock.

Activity Pairing: I would pair this with a social day whether it’s out partying at night or socializing in a book club I think this is great for anywhere that requires social interactions

Who We’d Suggest For: I would recommend this to someone looking to take the edge off, they like a premium experience that is worth the buy.

The Verdict

There are a few things that Burb could’ve done better in many areas from educational information on the cultivar to the trichomes age. Nevertheless, it did very well, and I would definitely consume it again. I would only do so when I’m in a place that doesn’t require much logically stimulating work to be done considering the aftermath I had experienced when I was finished my highness cycle.

Duration 8.2/10
Trim 8.5/10
Taste 8.5/10
Intensity 8.6/10
Packaging 7/10
Overall 8.3/10