#024 - BC Organic White RNTZ

"BC Organic White RNTZ is an indica-dominant Afghan Hybrid cross between Gelato and Zkittles"

Hybrid (Indica leaning)


Overall Score:


The Flower

Strain Lineage: Afghan dominant, slightly Kush cross of Gelato x Zkittles

Pigment: To the naked eye, the bud is a dark forest green color with multiple layers of green hues.

Ash Color: Light-grey in colour

Aroma: The aroma is sweet, funky, and thick. There is no need to put your face to the jar to catch a wift of its aroma. I am able to pick up on the sweet essence of linalool which brings a grape, floral which is wrapped in spicy and citrus blanket.

Trichomes: To the naked eye the trichomes seem as discreet as the stars in the sky during the daytime. There happened to be a bit of a shimmer but, not much. When under the microscope the exterior of the bud reveals what looks like yellow diamonds in the shape of caviar. The trichomes were clustered, with a yellow tinge and the population was scarce. It wasn’t until the bud was busted open did it reveal the true gems. The interior of the bud was compact with healthy, translucent trichomes which happened to have a very dense population. The trichomes size was definitely bulbous, there were no signs of a stalk on any of the trichomes. Despite that, the size of the bulbous trichomes was definitely impressive. Although it seems that this cultivar should be labelled as a Kush dominate cultivar, it is my belief that this is a Afghan dominate cultivar through and through.

Trim: The bud itself was a little more stem-y than I am used to. There were a few more sugar leaves than I would’ve liked but considering how tight the bud is, I am not entirely disturbed.

The Experience (Spliff)

Duration: 3-4 hours
Climax: 6 min – 1.5 hours

Initial: At the beginning of my session I was kind of convinced that I wouldn’t like the experience of the White RNTZ. It tasted like a flower, the old school stuff. I was shocked and overwhelmed. It took my brain a while to catch up to the fact that I should’ve been more appreciative of the experience. The way the flavors would interact with my taste buds happened to be specific, sporadic, and straightforward. I felt like I was in a tug of war contest between limonene and trans-caryophyllene. The spice of the caryophyllene came in clear and consistent, at first it would reveal itself by tickling my tongue, but then it migrated to the back of my throat like water through a straw. If it wasn’t the spice bursting my bubble then it was the lemon acid coating my tongue. I have a sweet tooth when it comes to cultivars, but unfortunately for this time, the sweetness I had wafted earlier didn’t transcend the other terps. Although I had a lot to say about the first 4mins of the sesh, I didn’t see myself putting the spliff down, on the contrary, I wanted to finish it.

Mid: At 1:41 pm I nibbled some Easter bun and cheese with some digestive cookies. I didn’t necessarily have the munchies, but I did want to treat myself. I don’t even like cheese, it just so happened as I was eating it, I tasted the essence of life; it was delicious. Old-school hit and remix music was playing in the background. Although I happened to be out and about, it was a quiet day. I didn’t have much social time. I stepped outside to enjoy the weather when I started my sesh. The sky was so blue and the sun felt so warm. Just thinking about it as I type makes me feel so many sensations. The effects of the White RNTZ were noted after I felt my right temple unlock. My perspective and mood visibly changed, I felt warm, loving, and caring sensations. I began to be very reflective and conscious of my experience. I was very captivated, and I wanted to connect. I was feeling happy, and horny to be honest. I only smoked about a .35g but I felt like I had smoked the whole container, my soul was looked. I missed my friends and partner a lot. The White RNTZ brought me to a very sensual place… had I been at home I would’ve gotten jiggy with it.

End: I lied… I indeed experience the munchies.. heavily. I inhaled my meal… it gave me a tummy ache. 2 hours in and I am feeling good still. I thought I would experience the itis, but alas I am still energized. My spirit is on the border between a well-rested well or an energizing day. I did feel the highness slightly unwind, but it wasn’t on a slop, it was more light a Tesla cruising itself home. I did notice myself getting a bit uneasy, and my mind was racing a bit more than usual near the end of the highness. Despite that fact I would definitely smoke this again, but the next time I will sip on it.

Flavour: Predominantly a floral, gassy, subtle spice flavour with a pronounced sour profile. The warm smoke felt fresh and clean.

Packaging: Perfect, palm-sized, glass container with an air-tight seal and insulated on the inside of the container so it retains the proper moisture content. It is a salmon pink color.

Activity Pairing: I would pair this strain with a day out to treat yourself, an intimate experience, a spa day, or meditation
Who we’d suggest this for: I would recommend this to someone who can appreciate a stinky, moist, fluffy, heavy hitting flower.

The Verdict

Absolutely! I personally believe this is one of their better cultivars that has been released recently. Although initially it was off putting due to the overwhelming dominate terpenes… but once one get past that, it is certainly smooth sailings. This cultivar reminded me of Wray & Nephew Jamaican rum, it’s strong at first but it works. I appreciated the reflective and sensual nature of this cultivar. I would defiantly try this again in a setting with my loved ones.

Duration 8.7/10
Trim 8.5/10
Taste 7.5/10
Intensity 8/10
Packaging 9.5/10
Overall 8.4/10